Overcoming Performance Anxiety Course


Practical Steps to Overcoming Performance Anxiety
online course by Luciane Cardassi

From the Udemy course page:

“Practical Steps to Overcoming Performance Anxiety” is a focused, effective, online course for any performer who wants to be more confident on stage.

“Professional dancers, musicians, actors, conductors, and aspiring performers are all welcome. This course will help you get rid of that unnecessary pain and suffering, and let you stay focused and positive before and during your upcoming show.

“Non-performers can certainly join the class as well, as they may find interesting insights to help them at their next public speaking event.

rockeys duo: Luciane Cardassi, piano, Katelyn Clark, harpsichord

“I am Luciane Cardassi, a professional concert pianist with a doctorate in Piano Performance and more than 2 decades of performance experience.

“I had serious issues with stage fright early in my career, and I know it can be exhausting to be a performer if you feel terrified every time you go on stage.

“We will go over the roots of your anxiety, practical steps to overcoming the anxiety, and how to stay focused on stage.

“By the end of the course you will have developed your own personalized pre-performance routine, with techniques that work for you.”

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Practical Steps to Overcoming Performance Anxiety by Luciane Cardassi.


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