John Assaraf on How to Stop Anxiety


“Fear is nothing more than emotion fueled by imagination. Actual impending danger is different, because it’s real. Fear is really a choice.”

From post: “7 Obstacles that Aren’t, for Self-Made Millionaires” By Jamie Kaufhold, NeuroGym – the organization which presents “Winning The Game of Fear” – a free weekly webinar series by John Assaraf.

John Assaraf

John Assaraf:  “I use this analogy for some of my business coaching and of course it applies to every day life as well:

“When we get caught in life’s storm, fear begins to set in if we do not know how to handle the inclement weather. Great captains learn to use the wind to fill their sails, not destroy them. You can learn to be a great captain of and for yourself.”

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“I have learned that people who really succeed in various areas of life often frame their experiences differently than those who quickly label the experience as a negative one.

“When we feel fear, we are playing a mental track that is not conducive to growth. All growth comes from stretching oneself past the comfort zone that limits us. Risk is a necessary part of the reward. You cannot have one without the other.

“Let me suggest that you start to label your experiences in a way that serves you rather than limits you.”

[From post: “Crossing the Line of Fear” on]

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video: Do You Have Any Deeply Rooted Fears? by John Assaraf, Aug 24, 2015

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