Tranquilene GABA and Serotonin Mood Supplement

Emotional health can be improved and maintained with certain natural supplements.

Here is a testimonial about the benefits of Tranquilene:

And here is a summary of the main ingredients from the Tranquilene site:

“The two most important neurotransmitters for any anxiety treatment to support are Serotonin and GABA (or gamma-Aminobutyric acid).

“As research shows us, Serotonin is the main chemical in the body that regulates mood, sleep cycle, and muscle tension.

“GABA is a calming, or ‘peacemaker,’ chemical in the brain that induces relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases focus.

“Anxiety and panic attacks often result from low levels of GABA and/or Serotonin in the body.”

Tranquilene is an “all-natural supplement that offers comprehensive support for the body’s production of Serotonin and GABA through our unique proprietary formula.”


   “Got my daughter through divorce.”

Thank you for your Tranquilene. It has gotten my daughter through a divorce in the best way possible. She had about 4 bottles in 4–5 months. This tremendously helped her with her coping powers and best money spent for a person undergoing a life–changing situation. You can be sure that I will sing your praises forever. Again, many thanks! – Rebecca W., Wichita Falls, TX

   “Helped my son with college stress.”

TranquileneMy experience with Tranquility Labs has been exceptional. I truly feel that Tranquilene was of great assistance. I was trying to assist my son with an approach other than prescription medications, to assist in his anxiety while away in college. He seems to have his anxiety under control and no longer utilizes his Tranqueline. – Diane P., Lynnfield, MA

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