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The Global Stress Summit from Health Talks Online

Stress is at an all-time high – but you can learn to understand and control it

“We’re exhausted and overwhelmed.”

“Did you know? Over ¾ of medical visits are, in some form, related to stress. Now, more than ever before, you MUST learn to address your stress!”

The Summit was designed for dealing with stress, and presented live April 24 – May 1, 2017.  Recording packages are now available.

A Summit of experts on how to deal with stress

The host for The Global Stress Summit, Dr. Heidi Hanna, “began her expedition into the world of stress science at the early age of 12 when she began to suffer from debilitating anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

“With no medical explanation, she was forced to dive into mind-body research to try to put the puzzle pieces together.

“In this Global Stress Summit, Dr. Hanna interviews the very pioneering researchers and thought leaders who helped her learn how to utilize stress as a stimulus for growth rather than a trigger for burnout and breakdown, as she passionately encourages us to do the same.”

Brain-based emotional health approaches for dealing with stress

The Global Stress Summit program site notes:

Heidi HannaAs an experienced speaker, Dr. Heidi Hanna has been featured at many national and global conferences, including the Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women in Business Summit, ESPN Women’s Leadership Summit, and the Million Dollar Round Table.

She is founder and Chief Energy Officer of Synergy, a consulting company providing brain-based health and performance programs for organizations, the Executive Director of the American Institute of Stress, and a frequent lecturer at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Hanna’s books include:

The NY Times bestseller The SHARP Solution: A Brain-Based Approach for Optimal Performance.

Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship With Stress.

from Facebook page of Heidi Hanna

In a post on her site, she suggests:

“Get curious about stress. Will this matter in 5 years? Is there another way of looking at this? What’s the lesson here?

“By shifting to a curiosity mindset without judging ourselves in the process we actually open up the neural pathways in the brain to support more creative and innovative ways to problem solve” and deal with stress.



The Global Stress Summit from Health Talks Online

From a site about the Summit – which was presented live April 24 – May 1, 2017.  Recording packages are now available, with multiple bonus gifts to help with dealing with stress :

For the first time in history, you will have access to pioneering researchers and up and coming thought leaders from across the globe discussing the new science of stress management from the comfort of your own home, office, or classroom.

In addition to business executives and New York Times best selling authors, you’ll hear from highly acclaimed researchers and educators from Harvard and Harvard Medical School, Stanford, the Rockefeller University, Loyola Marymount, Thomas Jefferson University, and international guests from Trinity College Dublin, The University of Sydney, the International Stress Management Association and more.

Your host, Dr. Heidi Hanna, will guide participants on an exploration into the new science of stress through candid conversations with experts on topics such as biology and neuroscience, lifestyle and health, raising resilient kids, maintaining positive relationships, understanding gender difference, stress at work, aging courageously, combat stress, and practical tools for everyday stress management.

The Global Stress Summit from Health Talks Online

The Global Stress Summit



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