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Barry McDonagh, Creator of the Panic Away Program, notes:

Barry McDonaghPeople are not being given real solutions for anxiety relief.

“I suffered from panic attacks and general anxiety for years, and I had plenty of coping exercises. Not one of them worked!

“One day, I decided I wanted my life back, and I was not going to just cope with the anxiety any longer!

“Whatever it took, I would find a real solution to end the anxiety for good.”

A journey of self discovery to find a solution for anxiety relief

“That determination led me on an incredible 2 year journey of self discovery and eventually to a technique that would not only change my life but that would go on to change the life of thousands of other people as well.

“The Panic Away Program was born in 2001, and through the sheer number of success stories, it has gone on to become one of the world’s most successful programs for ending panic and anxiety.”


Another testimonial:

Candi“I cannot believe what an impact your program has made on my life.

“I have lived with OCD since I was in junior high and have had severe general anxiety my whole life.

“Your program has given me so much. I cannot believe how quickly it worked. “ Candi

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A panic attack is a ‘fight or flight’ response

An explanation about the program from the Panic Away site:

[Also see video below.]

You are probably well aware that a panic attack is a ‘fight or flight’ response to a perceived threat.

The reason the human brain responds like this goes back to our prehistoric past where humans needed their bodies to respond quickly to a perceived physical threat.

What this new research is telling us, is that people’s mental activity during a panic attack is suddenly moving to the mid brain, resulting in the heightened state of fear and panic.

In short, a separate part of your brain becomes more active during a panic attack.

The problem, as you well know, is that once the panic attack begins and that heightened state of fear starts, it is very difficult to calm yourself down.

In order to restore calm you therefore need the brain’s mental activity to change.

This is the reason why deep breathing is so ineffective in helping people control a panic attack.

All deep breathing does is try and restore calm to the body.

Panic Away programTrying to mentally calm the body is like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

Your brain is the control center and that is where the change needs to happen.

During a panic attack your brain has moved into panic mode and in order to really restore order you need to learn how to switch your mental activity back to the rational part of your brain.

What’s more is that you need to learn a technique that will allow you to do so in a split second, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

Sounds complicated? Well it is not.

When someone feels reassured that they are safe the mental activity reverts back to the forebrain.

The One Move Technique™ teaches you to feel safe in a very simple and easy to apply manner.

The One Move is called so because it is in effect a movement of mental activity. It is a technique that moves mental activity away from the impulsive mid brain back to the forebrain.


How to Transform Anxiety? Expect and Accept It


More testimonials for the program:

Alice“I have been suffering from panic attacks for the past two years off and on, just recently giving birth to a baby boy and returning to work they have came back with full force.

“I tried herbal supplements and other books but nothing works like the One Move.

“My panic attacks always start off with the light headiness and shortness of breath and before it was really scary now I know I can take it without worrying if I am going to die of suffocation.”


Panic Away program


Panic Away program


Book:  Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks by Barry McDonagh.

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Panic Away programVisit the site and get the free Rapid Relief audio program

“Use wherever you tend to get anxious be it driving, flying, shopping or at work.

“Learn how to overcome anxious feelings in seconds.

“Feel immediate relief from anxiety and panic attacks.”

Panic Away – End Anxiety And Panic Attacks


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