How to reduce anxiety – Judith Orloff on Emotional Freedom

Judith Orloff

Judith Orloff, M.D. is a psychiatrist, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, and leads workshops on intuition, energy, and medicine.

She thinks “Fear is the biggest energy thief there is. A master seducer and gigantic source of negative energy, fear shamelessly robs of us of everything good and powerful, preys on our vulnerabilities.”

Here is a summary (from her site) of her book Emotional Freedom – Liberate Yourself
from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life :

traffic headlightsPicture yourself in a traffic jam but feeling utterly calm. Or not letting your supervisor’s bad mood frustrate you.

Imagine being peaceful instead of worrying.

Or enjoying nurturing relationships and a warm sense of belonging in the place of loneliness.

This is what it feels like when you’ve achieved emotional freedom.

Synthesizing neuroscience, intuitive medicine, psychological and subtle energy techniques, Dr. Orloff maps the elegant relationships between our minds, bodies, spirits, and our environments.

With humor and compassion, she shows you how to identify the most powerful negative emotions and how to transform them into hope, kindness, and courage.

Compelling patient case-studies, stories from her on-line community and workshop participants, and from her own private life illustrate the simple, easy-to-follow action steps that you can take to cope with emotional vampires, disappointments, and rejection.

Emotional Freedom is a road map for those who are stressed out, discouraged, or overwhelmed as well as for those who are in a good emotional place but want to feel even better.

As Dr. Orloff shows, each day presents opportunities for us to be heroes in our own lives: to turn away from negativity, react constructively, and seize command of any situation. Complete emotional freedom is within your grasp.

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Video: Paul Christo MD of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Pain Treatment Center interviews Judith Orloff MD on how emotional pain is correlated with mind, body, and spirit. They discuss how emotional pain differs from physical pain, where it can manifest in the body and strategies to heal pain.

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Praise for Emotional Freedom

“A must read for anyone who’s tired of feeling frustrated, lonely, jealous, or emotionally tense. Dr. Orloff shows you how to achieve a lightness of being and feel more positive and peaceful. Highly recommended.” – Deepak Chopra

“Spectacular! I endorse this book so heartily because it gives a unique blend of the author’s personal and professional experience to enlighten us, and it’s a totally fascinating read. I recommend it to everyone who wants to overcome sabotaging emotional patterns to achieve self-mastery.” – Candace Pert, Ph.D. – Author of Molecules of Emotion

“A heartfelt, accessible guide to the graceland of peace and calm–regardless of our parents, our past, or our present. It’s loaded with nuggets of practical and profound healing wisdom.” – Christiane Northrup, M.D. – Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t put this book down!” – Caroline Myss, Ph.D. – Author of Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul

“Emotional Freedom combines neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality to present a new approach for freeing yourself from negative emotions. This book offers you a path to greater health, intimacy, and compassion.” – Dean Ornish, M.D. – Author of The Spectrum and Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

“This book empowers us in exciting and remarkable ways. Dr. Orloff’s wise insights about emotions serve us with wonderful clarity.” – Neale Donald Walsch – Author of Conversations with God

From Publishers Weekly:

Emotional Freedom“Orloff (Second Sight) offers a superbly written series of psychological strategies for maximizing positive emotions and minimizing toxic ones.

“A practicing psychiatrist, the author straddles the worlds of mainstream medicine and alternative healing; she regards emotions as a training ground for the soul, and views every victory over fear, anxiety, and resentment as a way to develop your spiritual muscles.

“As the self is the foundation for emotional freedom, the author discusses how readers can find their emotional type—intellectual, empathic, rock or gusher—and suggests how to find balance.

“Her tips include avoiding emotional vampires or consulting dreams, which she divides into three types: psychological (where fears and neuroses express themselves), predictive and guidance.

“The second half of the book tackles the most difficult life challenges: depression, loneliness, anxiety, frustration, rejection, grief, envy and bitterness.

“Orloff addresses each fully and frankly, using anecdotes from her own life and practice—the death of her mother, her own crippling envy.

“This insightful and positive book will assist anyone who is suffering in mapping a path out of pain.”

Read more reviews and purchase the book at

Emotional Freedom


Creative people

a lonely artistDr. Orloff notes, “Creative people are extremely sensitive.

“Neurologically, they are very finely tuned and open to all kinds of energies from the outside, so it’s important they protect themselves and not be overwhelmed.”

“People need immediate relief for anxiety; they don’t want to wait.

“Medications alter your neurochemicals, but I believe we can do that with our own techniques and meditation practices.”

From my audio interview with Judith Orloff.

She includes a 3-minute mini meditation in her book that people can use at a party, for example, if they are feeling anxious: they can just take a break away from others and do this short meditation to calm themselves.


Dr. Orloff suggests a few supplements to relieve anxiety, including:

5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) –

ProVanax mood-enhancing supplementThis is one of the main ingredients in ProVanax mood-enhancing supplement [link goes to an article, including video].

Dr. Sam Robbins, Founder of HFL Solutions, “has a background in both endocrinology and psychology.

“With the help of HFL Solutions, Dr. Sam Robbins is trying to make people’s lives healthier and happier by providing easy, effective & proven solutions for health, fitness and longevity.”

One of those products is ProVanax – an “all-natural nutritional supplement, in the form of a small capsule — containing organic herbs, vitamins and amino-acids.

Kava Kava – from Amazon

Calcium and magnesium – from Amazon

Also – I have found the herbal preparation PureCalm very helpful for when I’m feeling anxious and agitated. [Site author Douglas Eby]


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