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Stage Fright

Morty Lefkoe, founder of The Lefkoe Method and the Undo Public Speaking Fear program, talks about this kind of anxiety :

When you speak in public, do you experience …

Sweaty palms?
Shaky hands?
Racing thoughts?
Pounding heart?
Forgetting what you had to say?
Butterflies or worse in the stomach?
Fear that others will notice your fear?

If you experience two or more of the symptoms above, speaking in public must be a very painful experience for you.

When you get rid of your fear, not only will you eliminate all these painful symptoms, you also will for the first time be able to…

…accept that promotion to a job in which you have to speak publicly.

…finally be confident when speaking in public and really communicate exactly what you intend.

…make sure your voice is heard at meetings where you have something you want to say.

…sleep well at night even the day before an important speaking event.

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Video: Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies describes how The Lefkoe Method changed his life.

Morty Lefkoe has found that this form of anxiety is based on beliefs, which can be changed.

He says, “The fear of public speaking – we’ve worked with thousands of people with that – there’s generally about 10 beliefs. … The most common problem that people have is a lack of self-confidence and a concern with the opinion of others in our experience there’s, like, 19 beliefs that cause that particular problem – some people a few more, some a few less – but, if you eliminate these 19 beliefs, most people will totally eliminate their lack of self-confidence and their over-concern with the opinion of others.”

From “Everyone Knows You Can’t Eliminate Beliefs Permanently…Are You Sure?” — transcript of an Institute of Noetic Sciences Shift in Action teleseminar interview.



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Undo Public Speaking Fear – The Lefkoe Method


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The image at top is from the book Stage Fright: 40 Stars Tell You How They Beat America’s #1 Fear by Mick Berry, Michael Edelstein PhD. — also used in post: Deal with stage fright and insecurity to be a more powerful actor.


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