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Overcoming Stage Fright

Amanda Peet"I came in [to act in the play "This Is How It Goes"] six days before we opened for previews! I imagine it is what people feel like when they jump off a plane....

"I called my agent and said I need to do another play but really quickly. I am feeling that I am just getting over my stage fright, so I want to go back really quickly. I don't want to relearn how not to be self-conscious."

      Amanda Peet
Natalie Portman"When I was little, I was so uninhibited I could do anything in front of people, but now I have terrible stage fright... I have nightmares about missing lines onstage, even though the first job I ever had was onstage..."  

Natalie Portman   [LA Times, approx. 1997]
Eric Maisel"Only a small percentage of creative people work as often or as deeply as, by all rights, they might be expected to work.

"What stops them? Anxiety or some face of anxiety like doubt, worry, or fear... anxiety is the great silencer of the creative person."

         Therapist and creativity coach Eric Maisel, PhD

"When stage fright -- known as the fight or flight response -- kicks in, analytical thinking is suppressed.

"The right hemisphere takes over by creatively and imaginatively creating a snowball of negative assumptions.."

Deanne Repich - Founder of the National Institute of Anxiety and Stress,
and creator of the Conquer Your Anxiety Success Program

Here is a testimonial about the success of her program :

     Kevin Golden :

"I've been able to apply these techniques and overcome, you know, stresses and pressures in life and be able to handle the load of having four children and a wife and running a television network and owning two business and being a musician and being on stage in front of people and things like that.

"Any one of these things would be probably more than I could have born by themselves, you know, back in 2001, 2002 prior to going through the Conquer Anxiety program, much less if you put all of these things together that I now do in life, and ENJOY them.

"None of them are overwhelming; they all have their different stresses and pressures but they're not an overwhelming task that I'm unable to perform them or perform them well. And it's quite exciting to see the difference that it's made in my life through this program.

"Life now is – it's a BREEZE! It's fun. It's exciting, and I just – I can't say enough about the program!"

- Kevin Golden (Humble, TX)

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The image at the top is from the book Stage Fright: 40 Stars Tell You How They Beat America's #1 Fear, by Mick Berry and Michael Edelstein, PhD

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