Anxiety and Panic Attacks Can Lead to Depression and Loneliness!

By Bertil Hjert

Violet had always had stage fright, that’s why she was never in the theater club at school and why she always avoided giving presentations in class.

She couldn’t help herself; she just got nervous and froze when she had to speak in front of people.

While this may have affected her acting aspirations, it didn’t have a detrimental effect in other areas of her life.

She always had a lot of friends as a kid, did well in school (except for math) and dated a bunch of boys in high school, and her prom date was a wide receiver on the football team.

This was high school and as we all know, high school can be tough – but it wasn’t for Violet.

As the years passed, Violet’s stage fright started creeping into other areas of her life.

In college, she was too nervous to go to small, seminar classes, preferring lecture hall classes where she wouldn’t be put under the spotlight.

She didn’t join clubs and try new things because she was worried about meeting new people. She had very few friends, even though there were tons of people around her and found it hard to talk to people.

By senior year, she was living alone, unable to find anyone that wanted to room with her off campus.

These changes crept up on her and she didn’t realize how lonely and depressed she was until she was ready to graduate college.

How had she gone from being a pretty, popular girl to a loner and loser?

She failed to a land a job in any part of the fashion industry; she simply froze up when she had to interview. She couldn’t even get an unpaid internship. She was depressed, her job prospects were nil and she was selling clothes at a childrenĀ“s store.

The sales job was torture, interacting with customers, smiling and controlling her panic. She often ended her day drenched with sweat from the nerves and anxiety and spent a large portion of her day wondering whether her body odor was driving customers away and what they thought of her.

She doused herself in deodorant and perfumes every chance she got and people could probably smell it a mile away.

Who would ever date such a messed up girl? The answer was no one or so Violet thought so she didn’t even bother to make an effort with guys.

It was all too nerve wracking anyway.

Violet is struggling with generalized anxiety, social phobia and probably panic attacks. The insecurities she felt as a young girl have snowballed in her adult life and it has left her aimless, lonely and depressed.

Violet knows something is wrong but she didn’t know the nature of her problem until a co-worker realized that Violet seemed exceptionally nervous and started telling stories about her brother who was prone to anxiety attacks.

Violet immediately recognized herself in her co-workers stories and started asking for more information about panic attacks and generalized anxiety. As her co-worker told her more, it became very clear to Violet that this was indeed her problem.

She went out and found a self help program and started working on overcoming her anxiety right away.


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