Anxiety Attack Treatment – The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Therapy

By Annette H. Cabra

Anxiety attack can happen to anyone. People often feel jittery before a difficult exam or a big presentation.

But if these fears and worries are getting in the way of a person’s productivity in work or in school, then something has to be done about this panic attack disorder.

The good news is that an anxiety attack symptom is not very difficult to identify.

Also, there are strategies and techniques that will help ease this disorder.

If you want to know the best anxiety attack treatment, then you may want to read through the following.

There are two common ways to treat anxiety attacks: medications and natural remedies.

While medications can help ease anxiety easily, natural treatments are also still recommended as among the best cures for anxiety attack.

Here are some of the best natural treatments for anxiety attack:

Aromatherapy Cure for Panic Attack

Since medication and therapies recommended for panic attack disorder and anxiety attack treatment can be quite expensive, while also entailing a few side effects, the need to find a healthier alternative treatment is becoming highly important.

To facilitate in restoring a patient with panic or nervous anxiety’s life to normal, the need to find an effective anxiety and depression treatment becomes a pressing matter.

The use of aromatherapy is a touted natural cure for panic attack and this ancient form of healing has been proven to cure a wide range of conditions. Some of the essential oils or herbs that can be used in this treatment are outlined below.


This herb or essential oil is known in aromatherapy as a natural tonic due to its ability to calm down your nerves. Its aphrodisiac quality’s ability to stimulate an exhilarated response is another great way to calm your body.

[Damiana Leaves]


This root herb has been used all throughout history for treating insomnia, especially the ones caused by depression or nervous anxiety. Thus, it adds up to your option of natural herbs or essential oils to use in treating panic attack without suffering from any side effects.

[Valerian Root capsules]

Passion Flower

The sedative properties of this herb makes it ideal for calming down your nerves in times of great anxiety without producing an addictive effect upon prolonged exposure. Thus, it is no wonder how the Passion Flower has had a long history of treatment against insomnia, nervous disorders, palpitation convulsions, epilepsy, and panic attack disorder.

[Passionflower Extract]

Apart from these treatments, it is best to know the symptoms as there are anxiety attacks that are caused by more serious medical conditions.

There are self help methods of coping with this disorder.

However, if the fears and worries are causing too much stress then it is advisable to visit a professional. This is especially true for people who are experiencing a lot of the physical anxiety symptoms.

An anxiety attack treatment may be given by a medical doctor. There are cases wherein the disorder is caused by a medical condition. Among these conditions include hypoglycemia, asthma, or any thyroid problem.

Understanding the Anxiety Attack Symptom signs and cure anxiety forever.

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Another herbal product: Kava Kava — The South Pacific herb, Kava Kava, is a best-seller, based on its proven ability to relieve stress, anxiety and tension.

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