Anxiety Attacks, Panic Attacks, and Stress

by Bertil Hjert

Understanding the Impact of These Feelings on Your Health and Well Being.

Summary: Anxiety is a powerful emotion that can cause drastic, permanent changes in our lives that have negative effects and consequences to our personal and professional lives.

Panic attacks create symptoms that replicate serious health problems thus causing fear and stress. It is important that you understand and then work to resolve these physical manifestations and feelings to avoid the limiting effects of these conditions.

One day, you wake up, look around and realize that your life has spun out of control. Your life, once so normal has become like a nightmare.

Your job, your personal life, your family, your peace of mind has all been disturbed and you feel powerless to make any change or improvement.

The source of this disturbance is the anxiety that has invaded your life and come home to roost in a seemingly permanent manner.

Everyone experiences panic; we would simply be robots if we didn’t. While these feelings of distress may be normal in small, isolated doses, they should not be a pervasive, all consuming fire that threatens your sanity with every step and action.

For anxiety sufferers, the feelings of distress are constant companions that cannot be shaken, that cannot be reasoned with and cannot be easily tamed.

The resulting stress from having to contend with such an overwhelming dread leaves many sufferers exhausted and miserable.

Sustained angst can have physical manifestations that can severely affect your health.

Some of these effects include:

·        A rapid heartbeat
·        Difficulty breathing
·        Dizziness
·        Loss of sensation or tingling in your hands and feet.
·        Disorientation
·        Sweating

These are only some of the effects that could sweep over you as you struggle with a panic attack or excessive apprehension. After experiencing such scary symptoms many people seek to avoid duplicating this occurrence, whatever the cost.

They examine the triggers that could have brought these overwhelming feelings about.They associate the experience with whatever they were doing or wherever they were located when the panic attack struck.

After identifying what they believe to be the cause of their distress they avoid any situation where the causes of their anxious episode might be duplicated.

Avoiding the fear becomes a priority and pretty soon your life gets out of whack and relationships, job performance and your physical and mental health suffer.

If you are afraid to be around a crowd of people you may neglect going to the gym, seeing movies, eating out with friends or engaging in any kind of social activity. Interacting with coworkers may become problematic and job opportunities may pass you by.

As your life contracts, your mental state spirals downwards. Cut off from friends, activities and mental stimulation, your mind becomes overwhelmed with anxiety and fear and sleep can be disrupted.

The lack of sleep, the stress involved with avoiding panic inducing interactions and the fear make you a shadow of your former self. Understanding the power of the mind and its ability to consume your thoughts with unrealistic or exaggerated worries is the first step in changing your situation.

Your mental and physical health are important and should be protected and cared for. Relieving your mind of worry will help relieve your body of the manifestations of that worry. By eliminating the physical symptoms that can produce such dread, you will in turn help your mental outlook.

No one wants to contend with a rapidly beating heart or shortness of breath or disorientation. These feelings are scary and while it’s a natural instinct to avoid them, we need to find ways to resolve them without damaging our lives.


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This program includes 7 eBooks about relieving Panic and Anxiety Attacks, Agoraphobia, OCD, and Social Phobia; using Abdominal Breathing & Meditation, Body & Mind relaxation, and Yoga & Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

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