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Breakthrough Research Shatters Medical Myth –
Reasons for genetic predisposition and conclusive explanation of the formation of anxiety disorders discovered.

Humans have always been prone to developing high levels of anxiety at the hands of ‘so called’ anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, agoraphobia and post traumatic stress disorder.

New, groundbreaking research by the world’s foremost anxiety research and treatment organization, The Linden Center, has now been released which renders obsolete all previous thinking and clearly outlines why most existing drug and talking therapies fail to provide curative results, even after many years of treatment.

The common belief amongst practitioners is that anxiety management and coping strategies are the only options for sufferers who are prescribed medication and talking therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

This new research clearly shows that cognitive treatments fail in what are now being called ‘high anxiety conditions’ by the people responsible for these findings.

This term has come into use to avoid the ‘disorder label’, which implies illness, because anxiety is a condition of emotion and thus, treatment using cognitive techniques is inappropriate and counter-productive.

The Linden Center’s research shows that anxiety conditions are not caused by chemical imbalance or distorted thoughts, as medics and psychologists would usually have you believe.

The actual cause is what they call, ‘creative intellect’.

“Creative intellect” is a term developed by Charles Linden to explain a gift that some people acquire through their genetic heritage.

“This ‘creative intellect’ provides people with the mental facility to generate complex visual and notional scenarios in the creative area of the brain which can happen both consciously and subconsciously.

Every anxiety sufferer has this mental resource which can be utilized consciously to produce superior, creative ability or subconsciously by the autonomic nervous system to identify potential risk and to respond to the risk with appropriate action during, what is commonly referred to as the flight or fight response” says Linden Center director Charles Linden.

Once someone with this superior, creative intellect is exposed to an appropriate, anxious catalyst, such as a bereavement, stress or health concerns for example, this causes anxiety levels to become elevated by the anxiety control mechanism in the brain.

The anxiety response releases a series of thought processes which provide a ‘risk assessment’ asking ‘what if?’ and uses the sensory organs to collect data.

Once this environmental data is collected by the anxiety control center, it does a very fast ‘risk assessment’ and responds with an appropriate course of action.

In people with creative intellect, the genetic predisposition to the development of these conditions, at this point a specific cycle of physical reactions causes the development of, and perpetuates, what are commonly referred to as ‘anxiety disorders’.

These include panic, OCD, PTSD, agoraphobia and all of the associated conditions and symptoms experienced by 1 in 4 people around the world and around 19 million sufferers in the USA alone.

Charles Linden explains. “Once the anxious catalyst has caused the high anxiety response, the body prepares for flight or fight. During this process a number of bodily systems including circulation, respiration and digestion, are altered to accommodate and assist the flight or fight response.

“The resultant bodily symptoms, thoughts and sensations during these changes can be consciously disturbing, but what we have realized is that modern science has got it wrong.

“The common belief is that chemical imbalance causes anxiety conditions, but the evidence tells us that this is incorrect.

“Once the anxiety control mechanism in the brain has done it’s risk assessment of it’s environment and has found nothing particularly threatening externally, like a mad dog or tiger for example, it continues it’s risk assessment journey and ‘reads’ the physical sensations that resulted from the increased anxiety and decides that those are the threat.

“Once detected, these harmless symptoms are regarded as the threat to address; adrenaline is then released, more symptoms are created, more threats (symptoms) are detected and the cycle continues.

“This has nothing to do with mental or physical illness and certainly isn’t caused by chemical imbalance or distorted thought processes. These high anxiety conditions can cause some chemical imbalance and thought distortion, but they are not cause by them.

“Medication doesn’t now and never can reach the part of the brain responsible for the formation of this ‘anxious habit’ and even if it could, their action on specific neural pathways responsible for the anxious behavior could not be targeted or regulated.

“Talking therapies such as CBT, exacerbate the problem by utilizing cognitive techniques, which only serve to reinforce the anxious habit by making it ‘even more’ conscious.

“This sends a very clear message to the anxiety control center that the anxious behavior is appropriate and reinforces the formation of the inappropriately anxious neural pathways of learning.”

This new understanding of the emotion of anxiety is exciting and logical, especially when you consider the quantity of recovered sufferers who have been told by the medical and psychological fraternity that anxiety disorders could not be cured, people who now lead anxiety free lives.

The Linden Centers have been using this discovery as the foundation for their recovery retreats, workshops and programs, with a near 100% curative success rate amongst their complying clients.

Utilizing Neuroplasticity, the brain process that enables learning in the brain, anxious neural pathways can be replaced by non-anxious ones, quickly and permanently eliminating high anxiety conditions.

“Our recent work with a group of research psychologists, practicing psychologists and medics confirms, without doubt, that this research and the resultant program of recovery developed from these findings, provides a conclusive treatment methodology which with unmatched curative results.

“Sufferers of high anxiety conditions can now be provided with a proven, curative device instead of managing their anxiety and taking drug treatments developed for other conditions.

“If people are still being told that anxiety coping strategies and management are the best they can expect and that anxiety conditions are incurable, how do I stand here ‘inappropriate anxiety free’ in the company of tens of thousands of our recovered clients who have also returned to normal lives” says Charles Linden.

This research, and the conclusive evidence that anxiety sufferers can fully recover, marks the dawn of a new era and brings newfound hope for hundreds of millions of anxiety sufferers around the world.

The philosopher Plato said “necessity is the mother of invention” and Charles Linden’s personal journey with severe anxiety was certainly the necessity that fuelled this breakthrough.

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