Different Methods of Anxiety Treatment

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There are many different types of anxiety disorders, each of which requires a specific anxiety treatment. Some of the different types that commonly affect a large number of people include:

• panic disorder
• obsessive-compulsive disorder
• generalized anxiety disorder
• social anxiety
• phobias of different items, situations, and locations

There is no one anxiety treatment that works for all of these types, which is why a medical doctor has to assess the patient to determine the type of anxiety he/she is suffering from.

While the symptoms of anxiety may be the same, this does not mean that the same treatment will be effective for different individuals. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and it is possible that no treatment is needed.

It is quite common for people to become worried or anxious about a specific situation. They do know what they are worried about and recognize the symptoms of anxiety for what they are.

In this way, they are able to deal with their feelings and symptoms without needing any anxiety treatment from a professional.  It is when the anxiety develops into something more serious that has an effect on the patient’s quality of life that a person has to seek treatment.

The doctor or psychiatrist discusses the symptoms with the patient and may even interview the family of the patient to get further information. It is essential to try to identify the root cause of the anxiety in order to determine the most effective method of treatment.

Patients who experience episodes of panic disorder are not typically able to pinpoint anything in particular that triggers these episodes that strike without warning.

Choosing the method of anxiety treatment for such a patient is usually done with a consultation between the doctor and the patient. In some cases, medication is used as a short term treatment and the patient is reassessed at regular intervals.

Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed medications for this type of anxiety. Patients with obsessive compulsive disorder have an uncontrollable need to repeat an action over and over.

They also have disturbing thoughts, which are called obsessions. Medication is often prescribed to help the patient feel better about different situations and to help control the thoughts.

However, the most effective anxiety treatment for this disorder has been cognitive behavior therapy in which the patient is exposed to the source of the obsession and learns how to respond in a healthy manner.

This treatment helps to retrain the brain to respond in a different manner so that the person no longer feels compelled to repeat certain actions.

Anxiety treatment for generalized anxiety disorder involves teaching the patients techniques of self-help in which they can recognize the symptoms of panic and anxiety and calm themselves, thus reducing the symptoms.

The treatment can consist of practicing daily relaxation techniques, making changes to one’s lifestyle and practicing meditation.

There are also three types of medication prescribed for this type of anxiety, which include anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants.

Psychological counseling is used as anxiety treatment for those suffering from social anxiety. At times, depending on how debilitating the disorder is in a patient, antidepressants may be prescribed to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

Phobias are usually treated with exposure therapy in which the patient is exposed to the source of the fear with increasing frequency until the patient is able to cope when presented with the object, situation, or location.

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