Effective Ways of Living With and Managing an Anxiety Disorder

By Anne Ahira

There are millions of individuals who suffer from chronic anxiety which is a serious lifelong mental illness, and coping with anxiety for some individuals can be extremely challenging, however, there are many effective ways of treating these disorders and ninety percent of individuals who receive treatment are successful in overcoming their anxiety and learning the skills needed to control their condition on a day to day basis.

Making lifestyle changes and learning effective methods to cope with the symptoms of anxiety in combination with the necessary medical treatment is the key to successfully managing this disorder.

Learn to Relax and Challenge your Thoughts

Stress is one of the primary triggers when it comes to experiencing the symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

Learning relaxation techniques is essential for controlling stress and there are many methods which you can learn such as breathing exercises that will help you to relax. There are several activities that are good for learning these relaxation techniques that include yoga and meditation.

Regular exercise is also very beneficial for the overall symptoms of anxiety.

Challenging the thoughts which cause anxiety is another important step in managing it. Anxiety attacks are often brought on by unrealistic or distorted thoughts that something bad or catastrophic is going to happen.

Learn to challenge these thoughts by questioning them such as asking yourself what the real chances or odds are of the negative thoughts you are having actually happening.

It’s also helpful to ask yourself how worrying about the situation is beneficial to you or how it may be harmful.

Learning to tolerate the discomfort and accept your anxiety in certain situations by not running away from it will be beneficial in the long run by teaching you that the symptoms of anxiety will not harm you and will decrease naturally over a period of time.

Another beneficial method to control your anxiety is to learn to postpone it by setting aside a certain time of day that you will allow yourself to think about the things that are worrying you.

When worrisome thoughts come up at other times of the day, write them down and remind yourself that there will be time to think about them later during the time you have set aside.

This method is very beneficial in giving you a sense of control over your anxiety and allows you to stop focusing on the worry in the present moment.

Accepting your Anxiety and Setting Realistic Goals

It is important to understand that stress and anxiety are natural occurrences and sometimes helpful responses in some situations and while we can’t fight these responses, they can be worked through and managed.

It is important to also be realistic when it comes to an managing anxiety disorder by accepting the fact that you may not be able to eliminate it altogether but that you can take control by managing the symptoms and avoiding certain situations which may trigger them.

Nutrition is also a very important part of managing an anxiety disorder and certain substances like caffeine and other stimulates should be avoided as they can worsen the symptoms of anxiety by causing trembling and jitteriness.

While it is possible to manage the symptoms of anxiety by practicing these methods, it is also essential that you stick to the treatment plan recommended by your physician and that you take any prescribed medications on a regular basis.

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