It’s Time to Take Control Over Your Anxiety!

By Bertil Hjert, author of the Panic Goodbye program

You’re fed up with being depressed, worried, anxiety ridden and fearful of the next unwanted panic attack.

It’s time to take control!

This is a powerful statement and an even more powerful message to send to your tumultuous emotions.

There is something very empowering that plugs into the core of our psyche when we talk about taking charge.

Attacking a problem head on, or getting out in front of it as media relations people like to say, puts you in the driver’s seat.

Proactive people get things done, they accomplish their goals and by turning your attention towards your anxiety problem, whether it is dealing with a phobia, panic attacks or generalized anxiety, could be the decisive factor in obtaining results.

Humans are powerful creatures, made so, by the power of our minds.

When you focus your attention towards a problem, such as dealing with your anxiety, you will find that results come quickly.

Reaching the point where you’ve had enough with your condition, the avoiding, the sweating, the trembling, the racing heart and myriad other problems, will take the authority and power away from your anxiety and return it to your own unshakable hands.

Panic often takes control of our lives because we give it the power to do so.

We are afraid of the consequences of turning our back on the authority of fear. It controls us because we are afraid we’ll die if we ignore it or worse try to exert control over our own emotions and bodies.

It’s time to get fed up and take back control!

– Say “I’m sick and tired of being afraid!”

– Say “I’m sick and tired of being worried all of the time”.

– Say “I’m not going to be afraid of panic attacks anymore”.

This is your new mantra and you have to own it. So think these things and say these statements like you mean it.

It’s time to get tough!

Once you decide to face your fear, your anxiety, or your panic attack head on and stop it from ruling your actions, you will become empowered.

For those of you who have already experienced several panic attacks, you know that a panic attack does not mean death.

You know that your racing heart does not equal doom. Power through your panic attack or anxiety episode by embracing your fear.

The more you avoid having an episode, the more likely it will be to occur.

By accepting the fact that panic attacks are possible to survive, they aren’t deadly and that life will go on, you are actually decreasing your susceptibility to panic attacks.

You have to embrace this belief wholeheartedly though!

The mind is a powerful tool; it can spin you downward into anxiety symptoms and also be the help you need to gain a foothold during your times of worry.

The power of distraction is an important weapon in your fight against anxiety. Panic attack and generalized anxiety sufferers tend to be a little obsessive.

You obsess about how you’re feeling at any given moment. This constant monitoring actually serves to heighten your state of agitation.

Turning that obsessive nature towards more productive uses can really distract you from your troubles.

Do you have a hobby or special interest?

Do you like to garden, play ball, knit, do needlepoint or cook?

Whatever your hobby, turn your attention towards that during the day and not towards your worries.

Distracting your mind can be a wonderful and productive way to focus your mind on other things.

People who spend more time occupied with their life, talking to friends, working, engaging in their hobbies, reading books, tend to have less time to worry and therefore less time to obsess over and contribute to a panic attack or generalized anxiety.

Panic attack sufferers and anxiety prone individuals often think their mind has turned against them.

There is nothing further from the truth!

Your mind is an exceptionally powerful tool that can be made to work for you or against you; it’s all in how you focus it.

If you’re worried, go out and distract yourself, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’re distracted from your troubles.

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