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Author: Stuart Treadwell

What Is Anxiety And Panic Disorder?

Panic disorder is actually an anxiety disorder which is brought on by recurring severe panic attacks. It can also include behavioral change lasting up to a month.

This can be because of an ongoing worry or concern about having other attacks.

Panic disorder is thought to be associated with agoraphobia, but they are not the same. Although, people who suffer panic disorder can also suffer from agoraphobia.

There are self help anxiety treatments available that can turn your life around, and finally rid you of attacks.

First, you need to understand what panic attacks are and why you suffer from them, it is usually due to stress that then brings on anxiety.

Signs And Symptoms Of Panic Attack

Panic disorder can be a disabling disorder, and can be controlled and successfully treated. Because of the severity of symptoms it may be mistaken as a life threatening physical illness such as heart attack.

This misconception can aggravate or trigger more attacks. People have been known to go to a hospital emergency room when they are having a panic attack, as they do not know they are suffering from a disorder.

Medical tests can rule out these other conditions, which in turn creates further anxiety.

Common symptoms of an attack include rapid heartbeat, uncontrollable fear, trembling, perspiration, dizziness and hyperventilation. Some people deal with these attacks on a daily or weekly basis.

Also, outward symptoms of a panic attack often cause a negative social experience such as embarrassment which leads to social isolation.

Panic Disorder Treatment

Panic disorder is a serious health problem that in many cases can be successfully treated, although there is no known cure. It usually progresses from early adulthood, around half of all people who suffer panic disorder develop the condition before they are 24y.o. especially if the person has had a traumatic experience.

However, the the majority of young people affected for the first time have been found to be between the ages of 25 and 30y.o. Women are twice as likely as men to develop an anxiety and panic disorder.

Medication can be used to treat anxiety and panic disorder.

Most people who suffer, are usually provided with an anti-depressant to help block symptoms. A combination of psychotherapy and medication can often produce good results and help reduce the condition and symptoms.

Self Help Anxiety Treatment

I know what it is like. I suffered with anxiety disorder for over 30 years. I was using an anti-depressant called zoloft, that enabled me to carry on a normal functioning lifestyle.

Recently i started researching self help anxiety treatment programs, and of course, found a lot of useless ideas and programs.

I did find one that excelled, called Panic Away, it shows how to deal with the most common cause of panic attacks, the “Fear Of Having Another Panic Attack”.

If you can overcome the fear of having another attack, you can eliminate further attacks. I know this may seem like a simplified and obvious observation but if you give it careful consideration, the one thing that has you searching for a solution to anxiety and panic attacks this very moment is the fear of having another one.

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