Stress Anxiety Relief – How The Linden Method Works

By Charles Linden, CEO, The Linden Centers

I have had so many people call or write to ask me exactly how The Linden Method works, that I have decided to explain just why what we do at The Linden Centers is different.

John Broadus Watson was an American Psychologist who established the Psychological School of Behaviourism. Watson believed that he could take twelve healthy infants and by applying behavioural changes, could ‘design’ people to be how he wanted them to be.

Watson stated that emotions such as fear could be conditioned using behavioural techniques.

He took a small child (11 months) called ‘Little Albert’ and conditioned him to become fearful of random objects: a rabbit, a dog and (believe it or not) some wool! Watson presented these objects and at the same time, made a loud noise.

The experiment worked and Little Albert became conditioned to respond with fear when presented with the objects alone. He had conditioned anxiety and this sent shockwaves through the psychological community that had, until then, believed that fear, was pre-programmed in the subconscious (Sigmund Freud).

As unethical as this experiment was, it proved that fear responses could be raised by fear conditioning and that anxiety disorders can be created and eliminated given the correct treatment.

Around the same time, another behavioural psychologist was doing similar work elsewhere in the US.

Burrhus Frederic Skinner was an American psychologist who pioneered research and advocated behaviourism which concentrates on understanding how behaviour is the manifestation of environmental history with regard to the experience of consequences.

Skinner also proposed the use of behaviour modification, much like Watson, he believed that a person could have their experience of life modified by behaviours.

Skinner developed the theories behind operant conditioning as a way of engineering society, happiness and people’s experiences of their lives.

Skinner believed that any experience backed up by a consequence would become imprinted on a person’s psyche; the experience of anxiety disorder sufferers would back this up; repeated stimulation of the Amygdala through anxious behaviour would reinforce and imprint those behaviours as a form of ‘habit’ into the subconscious mind.

Conversely, by using behaviour modification as discovered and pioneered by Watson and Skinner, the reversal of the formation of ‘anxious habit’ is also possible.

In a nutshell what both of these eminent and incredibly forward thinking scientists discovered is that it is very possible and actually very normal for an individual to ‘program’ their subconscious minds.

The Linden Method provides anxiety sufferers with a ‘roadmap’ of how to do this without going through long-winded psychotherapy and without using drugs that never produce CURATIVE results.

What I show you is a ‘Mother Nature given’ process… a normal, expected, natural process that ALL recovered anxiety sufferers MUST have used to become anxiety free.

Why do I say must?

I use this analogy:

I have a bucket and one day I put it down on a nail. It creates a hole. I see the water running out of the bucket and I start looking for a solution to the problem.

I think about the solution and come up with:

Solution 1 – I make the water thicker so it doesn’t run through the hole so fast.

Solution 2 – I ignore the hole and keep running backwards and forwards refilling the bucket.

Solution 3 – I put a piece of some material over the whole to hide the hole and temporarily fix the problem but it keeps breaking through, so you keep replacing it.

Solution 4 – I mend the bucket by replacing the missing piece.

Which would be the best solution?

Well of course, it’s number 4.

So what dose this have to do with The Linden Method? Solution 1 is drug intervention – it may provide temporary relief from some of the symptoms but it doesn’t cure the problem.

Solution 2 is just allowing the anxiety to dominate your life – modifying your behaviours and tiring you out.

Solution 3 is therapy – during your session it makes sense and you may think you have got it, but you leave and before long feel depleted and frustrated – in addition, you waste so much time and money blocking the hole!

So, what is solution 4?

It’s THE solution! It’s the full fix! The total reversal and elimination of the bundle of learned behavior in the brain!

The difference between other Methods and The Linden Method is that The Linden Method brings together a group of simple techniques that undermine and eliminate anxiety completely… it’s not a quick fix, a cover up, a ‘band aid’ — it actually undoes the formation of anxiety conditions completely!

How does it do this?

It destroys anxious neural pathways and replaces them with non anxious ones!

Like removing a smoking habit or a nail biting habit or any learned behaviour.

Through seamless continuity of the Linden Method structure… which is simple, the brain ‘reorganizes itself’…

…until a new structure has been created that behaves in a completely non-anxious way.

The brain requires communication and equilibrium between the two hemispheres and when communication is effective, the brain becomes more creative, more organized, more able to learn effectively and the effect on your life can be incredible.

When you recover using The Linden Method, which outlines and guides you through the ONLY way to erase anxiety, your mind will respond… your anxiety, which has ‘fine tuned’ your brain during your anxiety disorder will fade away but your brain will divert all of the changes made to your subconscious mind to make you more productive in every area of your life.

Making these changes creates an effect which scientists call ‘whole brain thinking’.

Whole brain thinking enables creativity increases, intuition, increased ability to learn, social skills and increased intelligence. My IQ went up by 5 points during my anxiety disorder!

Traditional anxiety elimination method such as CBT (never medication!), are supposed to create these changes but the problem is that methods such as CBT are usually an event… a once or twice a week session at best.

But talking therapies also involve a number of very ‘counter-productive’ devices which serve only to remind the sufferer that they have high anxiety.

A TRUE solution which uses these scientific devices, like those discovered by Skinner and Watson, is a PROCESS and not just a once a week event!

Continuity of support is required to create and maintain these changes.

Continuity is the watchword. The clear, concise, simple and structured process outlined in The Method is the ONLY way to achieve these changes effectively and our system has been designed to provide the targeted structure that is vital to recovery.

It is the ONLY method available in the world which is proven to work in absolutely every single case.

You may think that this sounds incredible.

Yes, I agree, it is incredible. You may think it sounds fictitious. I agree it does but trust me this is science fact.

There’s no secret about how The Linden Method works… no secret at all.

* I provide the solution to you in a set of structured rules.
* I provide a group of supportive ‘first aid’ fixes to use during recovery.
* I provide words of inspiration.
* I provide information which offers answers to so many questions.
* I provide structure.
* I provide seamless support, reassurance and guidance.

And all of this combines to provide recovery.

I started this company because using The Linden Method totally changed my life, but I’m sometimes at a loss as to how to adequately communicate just what I mean.

The memory of how I once was has now faded… in fact, other people remember that person far more effectively than I can.

I KNOW through experience of helping over 100,000 sufferers that you will be led to your own version of the same conclusion I reached with The Linden Method.

I sleep very well at night, secure in the knowledge that what I provide is water tight. I know this works and the hundreds of letters of thanks I receive are testament to that.

If you would like to experience the life changing change possible with this program, visit

The Linden Method








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